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Originally Posted by Chauvalito View Post
In D Zone,
How does your ti-70 mid play? I just acquired a couple of the 98 square inch versions and so far I am having fun with them. I cut one down to 27 inches and am working with lead to make it around 7 points head light.

A little too flexy in the upper hoop, I am hoping lead at 3 and 9 will take care of that.
Ti 70 Mid is a low powered racquet - Since the head is a mear 88 inch - any mishit means a dead ball; it demands your attention. Once you get used to it - its a very fun racquet, especially when you find the sweet spot. Its pretty stable,, but adding some lead (3 / 9 on the head)would make it even better (thats on my list). The Dense string pattern offers great control - I am very statified on this category. What I need is abit more lively feel like the other Yonex I play with - this points me to the tension of the string. My regret is that I strung it way too low for my liking - I read in TW forum, every is recommending that I strung it in the lower 50s. It's currently strung at 50 on Main and 52 at the Cross. I plan to restring it again next time to 55(main) / 57 ( Cross). I think there is yet more to be discover what this tiny fire ferrari can do. The proj is not over .....

Ti 70 Long - definitely would recommend adding lead on the 3 / 9 on the head which help stablized the racquet.
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