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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
^^^ Understood, and yes they both produce effective, yet different results. I am just looking to see what some of our more technical coaches have to say on the matter so that I can see which I prefer as my personal preferance. I really like both ways, but I know that in order to really groove my motion I am going to have to choose one or the other.

Now that my shoulder is 100%, and I have figured out how I want to play, I just need to become a machine, and I would consider it foolish on my part if I did not look into the issue before deciding.

you will be part of the Borg Collective. If you are changing your serve because of your shoulder, you may wish to look to the abbreviated motion. Some of the older pros are doing that and are getting lots of work on the ball that way. Dont know if they are doing it more for their back or more for their shoulder. The palm down thing might encourage that abbreviated type of motion more. I tend to think more in terms of feet and large muscle groups and only discuss things like wrists and palms when absolutely necessary
good luck with the palm thing.... i wouldnt want to change something like could change it and never get it going back to as good as it was before, let alone improve
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