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Chris_in_japan-It would be great if you could make a section that i could add on adding the lettering and details, including masking off areas and adding lettering and logos. You know more about that than anyone on TT. If you could just go a little in depth on that sort of stuff, that would be great.

diredesire- Whatever you think most appropriate. How does merging it with racquet FAQ work? I just want something like this to be easy to find, since it is becoming a more popular topic of interest. Also, when something is stickied, it can still be discussed right? Thanks for the help and getting it stickied.

Aeropro master- It took me about a month because i was working little by little and waiting for different supplies to be shipped... grommets, strings, etc. Total work including dry time would most likely come out to two weeks, but i could have been more careful.

Warning to everyone, this is a big project and does take a lot of time.
I would recommend doing it on an old back up frame to get an idea of it. Then go after your frame if your confident.

once again, enjoy it.
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