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Originally Posted by Duzza View Post
Hey, I will be in Melbourne obviously, but doubt I can go to the Aussie Open any of those days. I'm up for a hit anytime you're down though!
Right. Well, I'm down there for the week. What do you reckon on the getting-a-court front? We've always struggled during AO week, perhaps obviously. We do usually find *somewhere*, but it's not always good...

Do you know any other TWers that would want to hit? Chia?

Originally Posted by chiapants226 View Post
i live in melbourne. would be interesting to see a few of the ppl on these forums. im going to the AO heaps of times
Well, I'm sure it's likely to happen. I'll be the tall guy

Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Hey OO,

Keep forgetting to ask you. Did you stick with the 2hbh?
Nah. After recovering from one of the injuries, I had comp finals to prep for. I won them, so that was good. Lately I've found (strangely) that the time spent on my 2HBH has improved my 1HBH, so I've been sticking with it. Hmmmm.
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