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Originally Posted by Duzza View Post
You can come down to my club if you'd like. It has 14 en tout cas courts, but it's a little out of the city, you have to go down the Nepean Hwy which takes about 10-20 mins I'd say. I'm sure I could get you guys on for free.
Sounds good. Driving is no problem - we're driving down from Sydney to Melbourne, so hopping in the car is easy.

Have to aim for an evening I guess - is that going to work do you think? Otherwise we'll have to work out what we're doing on what day, and see're free one of the days we don't go to the open.

Originally Posted by equinox View Post
Sounds like a great idea duzza.
Eq: you're an aussie from memory - Are you in Melbourne? Are you keen for the hit?

Originally Posted by chiapants226 View Post
i'm up for a hit. depends where though. i live pretty far away from duzza, so i'd rather not go to durhams club to play, but if you can find somewhere closer to the city maybe id be interested?
Pretty far away? I like about 900ks away! Jokes aside, I'm not going to be the one knowing courts in Melbourne here. I'm happy to leave it to Duzz / You / other melbournites. You know the good courts, all I know is our availability - as above, mostly nights, one day later in the week, maybe friday?

well, if you want to meet up at the aus open Orange, im sure we could work something out. im sure there'll be plenty of other tall guys at the open
But I'll be the one from Sydney
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