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Originally Posted by shakes1975 View Post
sometimes i wonder what would've happened to the agassi-becker rivalry if agassi had not got the idea to read becker's serve based on becker's tongue (as agassi had told in his commentary during the USO QF between fed and roddick).
I just heard Agassi's commentary myself and now I think it's legit: Agassi totally believed it was a factor, so it was more than an occasional thing that he did.

He said something I didn't know: that at one point Becker stopped doing this with his tongue; and Andre joked about how panic set in for him then. There's really only one match that he could be referring to, this 1995 loss at Wimbledon, because it was the only time that Becker beat him after 1989 (and so many of us have commented on the panicked look in Agassi's eyes). Their 1995 USO semi was to be their last match until one more Agassi win in 1999, so maybe at the USO Boris was not doing it. Who knows. One thing I do know is how close this Wimbledon match was, regardless.
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