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I should be about same level as our man duzza. Of course today i wasn't. 4 weeks break and recovering from illness, every third ball was from shankville. Routine 6-0 6-0 6-1 . . . . 3.5 op.

Real surprise was the damage caused by that storm we had last week. It was like a warzone on our nearly demolished courts.

There were huge craters to jump over and massive charcoal pieces dotting the surface. Partner took some photos. I might post them. DendyPark should be an upgrade.

Hey duzza, you get any decent girls (top800 or so) to hit bring'em down for mixed.

My team will probably need a hit before feb, might bring one of the better ones down for a bash.
Raonic: "The walls are a bit low, so you sort of think you don't want to hit anyone in the face."
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