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Originally Posted by sw00sh View Post
What is the weight of the TW Private label grip? The thick and thin as well as those narrow and wider ones. Can someone comment? Or TW did some measurement?

I just put a TW Private label leather grip on my K95. The grip was the "25mm x 1300mm x 1.3mm" size. The racquet, unstrung, with the original Wilson TrueGrip, was 328 grams. The weight with no grip was 310 grams. With the TW Leather grip (trimmed), it was 330 grams. With a Supergrap (trimmed), it was 334 grams. So, from my calculations:

Wilson TrueGrip (Trimmed): 20g
TW Private Label Thin and Wide 1.3mm/25mm (Trimmed): 22g
Yonex Super Grap (Trimmed): 4g

As a side note, stringing the racquet with NRG2 17 (18x20 string pattern) at 60lbs added 16 grams for a total of 350 grams.

I'd be interested to know what the weight of the 1.5mm "thick" version of the TW Leather grip is.
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