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Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
Sounds like your lacking confidence in your own abilities which usually leads to poor strokes and execution which then leads into more doubt and so on. Its a vicious cycle.

I tend to pull myself out of this by saying 'Oh f_ck it!' and ripping a few balls. By ripping a few I help force myself to take full swings through the ball without decelerrating my racquet head. My first few rips sail long but if I persist they start landing in and I get back in the habit of taking proper strokes.

Remember, if your opponents know you lack confidence they will exploit it (especially if they know your new to 3.5) so go out there and demand their respect by nailing a few shots with authority. This will help you gain confidence and possibly put a thought/doubt or two in your opponents mind.
Yep, that's it. You miss a few, and you start getting conservative (slower racket head speed, no weight transfer), which makes you miss more.

Ugh. I'm playing again tonight. Maybe I'll try to forget winning and losing and just swing away.

TFM (would you mind if I called you "T"?), I dunno about asking my teammates what ails me. My errant shots are 90% footwork errors and 25% ball watching errors (which add up to over 100% because sometimes I do both!). How often do my teammates see the problem as footwork? Zero percent. They may have just beaten me in a set of tennis, but most of them don't know much about how to analyze and correct someone else's tennis strokes.
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