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We did, however, have several players that participated at the national level and still kept their 3.5 ratings in 2007. I'm assuming that was because they lost their matches during the nationals?. I had always heard that if you actually play a match at the national championships then you got bumped up but that turned out to be bad info. Ben/San Jose Ca.
The reason that players that play Nationals usually get bumped up is because they are usually good players to begin with, otherwise how would the team even make it there without several really good players? There are some players who are mediocre but on a solid team and so they may not do well against a solid player at Nationals and will not get bumped up.

The only significance of being a National benchmark player is that your rating is weighted more heavily by your play in the playoffs and also that it is used as a way to level out the NTRP levels across the country, by comparing all the league players against the benchmark players either directly or indirectly.
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