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Yeah, won the first quite easily, breaking in the first and last game of the set. Started to get some elbow twitches and the 2nd set kind of drifted away after I lost focus up till 4-0. Then I started to focus on the upcoming set, knowing I wasn't coming back.....but really played a poor 3rd set with a really weak serve that got broken too many times....

Consol was an interesting one....definitely a decent player but my serve was back on (had a 5 hour break) and I ran to 4-1. He fought back a little bit more and I became a lot more conservative which didn't help me. Then my elbow hit again, and a semi-sore thigh muscle didn't help pushing off for groundstrokes either. I started having to serve about 60% potential which lost me a lot of games. Got to 6-5 finally and had 3 (yes 3!) set points on the Deuce-Ad part of his service game. Finally let go and he won the TB really easily....then 2nd set was on serve till 4-5 where I basically broke myself!
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