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but the takeback is the most important. yes, those minor flaws are important, but without the basic takeback in place youve got nothing
Yeah, I'm trying to avoid carpet bombing you with stuff . . . Also this is actually interrelated. Once the takeback is corrected, the knee bend will be deeper. Also, your ball toss will start to improve because your front shoulder will not be as constricted.

could you please explain more, wouldnt this kind of lead into a lat raise anyway?
Not as much, because the takeback is a stretch, and because the elbow hooking upwards is not the primary arm movement of the takeback.

The primary arm movement is that the arm stretches laterally until it crosses the right side of your body. However, for it to stretch naturally, the elbow has to either hook slightly upwards (i.e. away from midline of body) or slightly downwards (towards midline of body.) The former is what you want.

The bend in the elbow is mostly preserved through the takeback (this also lets your body know it's a stretch and not a lat raise or concentric movement.) It's only when you start turning to set the trophy position does the bend in the elbow change.

Wow, something I didn't notice . . . It looks like you're rotating your forearm (supinating) in the takeback in order to open up the racquet face. Don't do that. Let the arm travelling laterally open up the racquet face.
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