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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
So the basic things you want to about the arm movement
1) Primary movement: lateral (across the body)
2) Secondary: elbow starts to hook upwards (or moves away from midline of body)
3) Preserve elbow bend through the takeback portion. Don't straighten arm.
4) NO forearm rotation.
5) If this is working for you, the racquet face should open a little toward net, between ground and net and racquet tip should be pointed toward right side fence.

Best way for now is to just isolate that part of the movement (i.e. just work on swinging forward and coordinating with the hips.) Don't worry about the ball toss, trophy, or upward swing. Just concentrate on getting the shoulder rotation down (and keeping the front shoulder below the back shoulder.) If the rotation is correct, then you should feel as if your pinkie is pronating the racquet arm.

I confess this is the first time I've really tried to do this through a computer. I admire instructors like you who can make these descriptions so clear without, you know, being "hands on."

Once you feel that this is good, then add back in the 2nd half of the service motion and work on ball toss and upward swing.

okay, the first part of the service motion is taking the racket back laterally?

I think i do everything ok until its time to bring the elbow up...

1. bringing the arm laterally back. This is pretty easy, just kinda take the racket arm back a little further than your right hip...this is all done before the racket raises up (correct?)

I think maybe my understand of the proper elbow pivot upwards is a little bit flawed.

There is so many ways to bring the elbow up, but im not sure exactly which way.
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