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1. bringing the arm laterally back. This is pretty easy, just kinda take the racket arm back a little further than your right hip...this is all done before the racket raises up (correct?)
Yup. Remember, mantain elbow bend and let the elbow kinda slide upwards a little. It should feel like a stretch.

I think maybe my understand of the proper elbow pivot upwards is a little bit flawed.
Yeah, this is why the Sampras model is difficult to learn if you don't already know how the body sets up the trophy.

Basically, the idea goes that the pivot happens automatically when you combine a takeback with the body orienting toward the sky. In other words, it should happen automatically if the takeback itself is correct.

The reason is because if the elbow doesn't pivot, then your body will lose balance, and the way your front and back shoulders are set (and thus the shoulder rotation) will not be preserved.

In other words, your body will decide for you what is the "right" pivot motion. You just need to fix the takeback so it knows what you're doing.
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