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I recently got two TW leather grips (the thinner one and the thicker one), and a Wilson leather grip. I put them all on (I have four of the same racquet), and within a half-hour I started getting three blisters on my racquet hand: one on the bottom digit of my ring finger, one on my base of my thumb, and one on the heel of my hand.

I find this amazing considering that this season I have been playing using the stock grips (Wilson Micro-Dry Touch) for months, hours at a time with no blisters.

Also, three fingers of my racquet hand felt a little numb, though this went away after several more more days of playing. I think I am going to go back to the Wilson Micro-Dry Touch grips. They provide nice cusioning, very good tackiness, fairly good feel for the bevels, good ridges and valleys, and no blisters.

Is leather worth it?
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