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Originally Posted by love15 View Post
very sorry to bother you, but I held a real Fed raquet in my hands few days ago, given to me to a former pro player ( former top 30 ATP) that happen to be quite friend of Fed.
I cannot check the weight , balance and so on because I was in his home, but we compared the raquet with a normal stick, sold in a shop and the size was totally the same ,90 Sq. no 85, no 88 sq.
He told me that this time Wilson decided to manifacture first the raquet for Fed and then to sell exactly the same ( apart some add weight , a grip done on a Fed Hand and a slight different balance).
No PJ I can tell you.
PS I do not WORK for Wilson.


Thank you. Your words could hopefully save the lives of many dudes here on this board. lol.
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