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Not sure if ankle weights are a good idea when engaging in impact exercises such as walking, running, jumping, or tennis footwork. It is possible that they place unsafe stresses on the feet, ankles, knees and hip joints.

Ankle weights are often recommended for performing leg raises or other non-impact leg exercises. However, when it comes to using ankle weights for impact exercises, there does not appear to be a clear consensus on its safety. Many doctors, physical therapists, coaches and exercise experts advise against such use. There are some sources that do recommend using them in this manner (however they may be in the minority, not sure). Some advocate using weighted vests or very light hand weights instead of ankle weights, but even this might be in dispute.

Best to do an exhaustive search on all of this before trying it yourself. In the past few years, there have been quite a few threads in the TW forums that have posed your questions. Try your own TW search and google search. The TW threads that I've looked at tend to advise against using ankle weights (but some say the vests may be ok).

Below, I've provided a few external sites on the subject. The last link actually does present a case for using ankle weights & weighted vests for some plyo exercises and training. However, they do advise not using ankle weights for your regular running workouts.

Wearing ankle weights & weight vests can help you run faster, BUT...
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