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Originally Posted by slappano View Post
good one Drakulie. after the beating I took from Alpine Cadet I needed a good laugh.

By the way, I made the official switch to the US K factor. I have been playing with heavier racquets the last 2 weeks or so and my arm/shoulder have not tired, so I decided on the switch.
Glad you got a laugh. I knew you wouldn't take it seriously. Don't worry too much about AC>>> he likes to stir trouble. It is part of his charm.

Originally Posted by CAM178 View Post
Express, drak. . . Express! A Holiday Inn Express! Good one, by the way.
Originally Posted by Forehand Forever View Post
That was a good one, Drak.
Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
You so set him up. I know you've been waiting to say that. Too bad you didnt say "Express". Would of been 100% money.
Thanks to all my loving fans. Next time I will make sure to include "express".

no, no, no>>> no autographs please.
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