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Default Vibration Dampener: Rubber Band?

I posted this in the tips section as well, but I thought I'd try here since this seems like the appropriate forum for ths question.

I've seen Roddick use it, and people around me use it but I've never really tried or paid to much attention to it. (Using a rubber band as a vibration dampener, shock absorber/dampener, etc.)

Currently I use a Head vibration dampener, and I was thinking about how much more cost effect it would be to use a rubber band. What are the differences in an actual brand dampener and a rubber band, and the pros and con? Also, what kind of rubber band, like thickness and length should be used. Oh, and how should you tie it for it to be used effectively?

Thanks for any help.

(Note: I did go here.. http://www.************.com/dynamic/...Andy%20Roddick, but the pictures were too small for me to tell what was going on, and I still didn't get the jist of it.[/url]
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