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Originally Posted by SCARFULZ View Post
Lets say I want my racquet to be all black but with silver writing and designs on it... i will prime the racquet... then paint the whole thing with a few light coats of silver and sand in between. then place my stickers on and go over the entire frame again with black... is this correct??
that's what I suggest. After the black has dried you will peel off the stickers and the silver will still be there. Then you'd put a clear coat on top seal it and finish the paint job. I think that, assuming your using spray paint, this is the easiest way to paint designs, logos, stencils, and characters on your racquet.

It's essencially the same thing as putting masking tape over molding when your painting a wall. you can get paint on the tape, but when you peel it off the molding's exactly the same.
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