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Originally Posted by Aerial View Post
This has happen occasionally when I am playing doubles. I am walking(not jogging) to the baseline to received the next serve after a point. Now here are the scenarios that typically happen:

1) I turn around and the ball is in the air. I have to get ready to return the ball as soon as I get set.

2) Standing in the ready position and moving into a crouch (I hope I spelled this right) position, He/She tosses the ball.

3) The Ball toss goes up, right when I get into a standing position on the baseline.

Are any of these scenarios illegal...I feel I need to be allow 2 seconds in the crouch position before the toss goes up. Am I wrong? are right. you have the right to be ready to return serve. the rule is to go at the servers pace, but if the server is 'quick serving' you, you dont have to tolerate it. hold your hand up indicating you arent ready then get ready to return. keep doing this as necessary. if the server doesnt stop talk to him/her about it. some people naturally serve fast with no gamesmanship and others use it in an unsportsmanlike way to get an advantage
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