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What level is this?

If you're a dude, try not to hurt one of the chicks if she can't protect herself at net. If she is helpless up there, volley/overhead to her feet or the open court. If she can volley or is aggressive or starts beating you, all bets are off, IMHO.

Others can weigh in on this, but I'm starting to think one of the jobs of the dude in mixed is to help his partner hold, big time. If your partner is pinned in the back corner again and again facing 2-up as you just wait for the ball to come to you, this is not likely to lead to a victory. This is especially so if the opponents decide to adopt "Hit to the chick" as their strategy.

I like when my male partner tries to make something happen and is active at the net when I'm serving, at least faking and moving around. If he can touch it, I'd like him to take it. I don't mind at all if they try to poach and miss, just try, please. I don't like it if my male partner camps in the doubles alley on my serve.

What can I say? I'm not the strongest groundstroker that ever walked the baseline, so if our fortunes depend on me outgunning a 4.0 guy from the corner, there's gonna be trouble.

FWIW, I play 6.5 combo and have to play with weaker 3.0 women, and I see it as my job to hit at least two winners at net for every four points on their serve. I can't say I always (or ever!) manage this, but I try.
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