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Prince makes good shoes and I wont let anyone bash them without really having expereince.I have worn just about every shoe out there and can say that although only the new Prince QT FastCourts are one's taht fit me they make excellent shoes.Prince's rubber isn't as hard or durable as Adidas or Wilson or many other warrantied shoes, but they do have plenty of support if they fit your foot right and are used at every level regardless of sponsorship.People can get away with playing with racquets that don't fit, but not shoes.You wear what works for you.Prince's QT Scream's have slightly wider forefoot area's as well as having medium heel and instep area's,they come in mid's and low's and use a softer leather than most shoes.The NFS Viper 2's come in a mid or low and are slightly heavier and much more supportive, but have a boxier toebox and have a higher arch.All Prince shoes have a warrantied outsole regardless of how soft their rubber is compared to other companies.Just cuz the shoes didn't fit you doesn't make them bad shoes.
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