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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Assume players are playing two back for whatever reason.

Is there ever a time in a match where one player hits an approach shot and the other intentionally stays back? Why would that be?

I ask because in my matches we tend to play two back when things have gone horribly wrong. Because we do it so infrequently, no one has any idea what should happen from that point.
2 back is not a strong formation. Its very defensive. There are many angles available to your opponent.

An approach shot is an offensive shot attempting to take control of the point. So, I would assume the intent is to go offensive.

So both should be moving forward, in my opinion, the one hitting the approach shot should be coming in more aggressively, your partner less so, yet depending on the quality of the approach shot.

What's very important to keep in mind is who has covering deep lob responsibility, in this drill it would be the person not hitting the approach shot.
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