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Another question came up in my doubles drill class yesterday.

We had four students and a pro, doing a drill. Two students on either side of the net, everyone at the baseline. Pro fed a short ball (no man's land) to one student. She was supposed to treat it as an approach shot and then play out the point..
Yeah, I got that drill in a clinic I subbed into and I didn't get it either. When he fed a short ball to my partner I figured she had an easy chance at a strong approach, so I scurried into the middle of the service box for the put away. Nope, he didn't want me doing that. He thought I should stay even with her where ever she was. Still don't get it.

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The other thing I was unsure about was what I was supposed to do when I was hitting the short ball fed to me. I think I'm supposed to come in behind my shot, shading in that direction, my distance from the net depending on how good my shot is. My instinct was to say "Approach!" as I was getting ready to hit and then, you know, approach in the hope that my partner will come with me. Is this a bad idea because it clues the opponent that I'm coming to net?
It depends on if your opponent can hear you and understands whatever language you are speaking. Certainly it helps me, as an opponent, when I'm back getting a great, deep groundstroke to know whether to go for the higher deep ground stroke or top spin it to bounce on the service line. If I know you are going in I'm aiming for your feet. If I know you aren't I'm aiming deep. I absolutely hate it when they sneak in on me. Then again, if you happen to be yelling that in Mandarin, well, I'd have no idea.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Also, if I am playing doubles and my partner gets a short ball, should I say "approach," indicating to her that she should hit an approach and come in? Or is that her decision? I tend to say "Approach" when I plan to come in behind an approach shot, but my partners tend not to move forward with me. Which makes me think I'm doing the whole thing wrong.
Some partners like lots of direction before they hit. Other's get annoyed if you are telling them what to do. Depends on your partner. There is one lady I play with that yells out the most helpful instructions, and I don't mind her doing that at all. Others, for some reason, do bug me. (Yes, I can recognize spinny, you don't have to yell it at me.) I am always open for information on what my partner is doing.
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