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Originally Posted by Fuzzy10sBalls View Post

Dude I have played you in a tourn before and we know each other from tournamets. I def think your a 5.0. You have a good game, and can rip the forehand hard as hell when your not doing the andy murray loop. Your weight is good, but your cardio might need some work. I think your have a good all around game, but lacking a bit in the net play confidence. Your a fighter , but you get way too negative at yourself, when you should be pumping yourself up with positive remarks. I guess the britt in your cant help but rip some loud cuss words, .
Forget the andy murray attitude and act like nadal staying positive and having a short term memory.

I hope if you dont get where you want after 2 years you dont quit. I would hope you play until you cant physically.

I will be rooting for you! Good luck.

Just ask sup2dresq who i am, but keep it private
Thanks for the post! Sounds like you certainly know me and my game pretty well!! Cardio is getting better and I at least know what I have to do with my volleys. That's a start I suppose. The negative attitude is part of my heritage so may be harder to fix!!

Say hello if we see each other at a tournament soon. I'll drop Sup a note and respect your privacy.
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