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Originally Posted by Jonnyf View Post
Hi Moz, Firstly, Good luck!

Please tell me if your coming up to Scotland! Especially if it's near Glasgow! And just to let you know a 5.2 can't be a 4.5, the conversion charts are shocking! 5.2's normally play county etc.

Once Again Good Luck!

Hi Jonny

You think 5.2's and 5.1's are better than 4.5's? I would agree with you there.

My UK rating is a bit weird as I have spent a number of years over in the US and only played tournaments over here late 2007. If my results continue I should be going up to 5.1 next round. The US system baffles me although I always used to have a couple of terrible results (hangovers etc) which didn't help.

I nearly entered the Scottish Veterans Indoor Champs which are in Glasgow..shame I didn't now.

Do you play tournaments etc? How's the scene up there? There was a guy in this area down from Scotland for 2 weeks cause he couldn't get any tournaments up there.
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