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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
Hi Jonny

You think 5.2's and 5.1's are better than 4.5's? I would agree with you there.

My UK rating is a bit weird as I have spent a number of years over in the US and only played tournaments over here late 2007. If my results continue I should be going up to 5.1 next round. The US system baffles me although I always used to have a couple of terrible results (hangovers etc) which didn't help.

I nearly entered the Scottish Veterans Indoor Champs which are in Glasgow..shame I didn't now.

Do you play tournaments etc? How's the scene up there? There was a guy in this area down from Scotland for 2 weeks cause he couldn't get any tournaments up there.

Ahhh, If you'd only entered that Vets tourny! There's quite a few junior tournaments up here but I'm pretty much injured about 3 weeks a month these days! Most guys I know playing for Uni's etc. seem to find tournaments but I honestly couldn't tell you what the over 35's scene is like .....being part of the LTA system though,I'm sure it's pretty...well terrible.Please do tell me if you come up here, especially for a tournament I'll get a Moz fan section going! Or if you ever fancy lowering your level to hit with a lanky 16 year old I'll be there
When I've sobered up I'll write one!
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