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Hi, all!

Well, I DO see his point. I think pusher as Gilbert defines it is a player who can get to everything and waits for opponents to make mistakes. They don't beat themselves. Think Michael Chang. However, he DEFINITELY hit the ball correctly.

I have the Gilbert book and it's GREAT! Also, check out Beyond Big Shots (I think that's the title) by Greg Moran.

What I guess I did was I just barely swung and "pushed" the ball over the net instead of stroking the ball correctly with proper follow through. I way let off the pace too and could have hit with more topspin.

To my pro- pushing means not hitting correctly(mechanically).

He said if I play like that I will stay at 3.0 forever like the players I am beating. I am winning now because I am hitting high perecentage shots (cross court etc), waiting for them to overhit, and am relying on my superior athleticism to get to balls and "arm" them over. However, he said once I move up, better players will be athletic AND able to hit with pace, spin, and placement.

So, if I want to be a better player 4.0+ someday I had better learn to hit correctly. He said I don't have to hit with tons of pace but I DO have to hit correctly with proper follow through and rotation.

He said I can add more pace and spin later on because than I will have the proper foundation to support it.

I mean, I can hit with good pace and spin but I am like at 75% because I can't control it when I go all out. Problem is I hit this way in fun rallies, lessons, and clinics but "pushed" in the matches.

I think part of the problem is I feel pressured to win. The Tennis director said if I win my ladder matches than I can be placed on the Travel team and USTA team. So, I am just trying to "win". He was pleased that I won my first 2 matches by the scores I did considering I have been playing for less than 5 months and my opponents have been playing for years. However, my pro is disgusted and thinks the wins don't matter.

I do hit with a USTA Computer generated 3.5 and can hang ok with her. She NEVER pushes!!

So, I am a bit bummed out right now.
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