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Originally Posted by Moz View Post

Just curious - would you honestly have been happier if you'd lost but taken a good cut at your strokes?

On the flip side of developing a game with proper strokes etc is developing a temperament where you do what you have to do to win whatever the circumstances. Sometimes pushing maybe the answer.

I see no reason why you can't develop good strokes whilst still winning by pushing - if that is what it takes in some circumstances.

Well done on the win!
I won a match by "pushing" once. (please, lets not go round and round about the meaning of push) I absolutely hated it. I felt like I was playing patty cake baby tennis. I felt like I had sold out to myself or something, it was wierd and I didn't like it. I also didn't get any respect for playing that way from my team mates. Sure they were glad for the win but I was sort of embarassed by the way I played becasue I know I can play better.

On the flip side I started coming out swinging with both barrels, although I lost I felt better about myself. Since then I've learned a few things.

My game plan now is start slow, not pushing, just being consistent and staying in the point. As I start loosening up later and finding my range I start putting more and more pace on the shots and go for bigger passing or winning shots. Then I feel good about the tennis I'm playing and make far fewer unforced errors.

Part of learning the game.
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