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Smiley, you have a terrific pro, IMHO. Stick with that guy!

I played only one 3.0 singles match last year. I won, giving up just 3 games.

And I was embarrassed. Because I pushed. I just outlasted her. I checked what little technique I had at the door because I wanted to win. It's a waste. Like Howard says, it doesn't even feel good.

And in the long run, it flat out does not work. Eventually you meet someone who *is* hitting correctly, and you can't hang with them by pushing. So you try to revive the technique you have paid all of this money to acquire, and you can't do it in the heat of battle because you have grown used to pushing.

I think you have to decide whether you want to win now by pushing (and get on the USTA team or whatever) or want to win later by developing your technique.

As for me, I am very glad that for the most part I tried to stick with my technique even if I lost. I don't mean that you or I should try to blast the ball. I mean that every shot should be the best quality shot we can produce at that moment.

My pro said that you have to play the way you practice and practice the way you play. If you are trying to switch back and forth between hitting correctly (practice) and pushing (matches), you'll slow your progress considerably.

You know, my pro doesn't ask me whether I won or lost. He wants to know whether I personally played well. He's right, you know? Some of my finest memories of matches are times when I played well technically and strategically but still lost.

The matches where I chickened out and pushed I'd like to forget.
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