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Originally Posted by HowardH View Post
Sorry for all of the back to back posts!

JR is right also about having the confidence to go for more each time.
Well now that you mention it, it should be more like a process. I know that in my first competative matches, I was so tight it was hard to play excatly how I know I could play. Sometimes I just had to to my best to get the ball back and weather the storm.

But each match, I worried less about winning or losing and was able to loosen up and play bettertennis - each match I new I could go for a bit more and didn't have to hold back as much.

I definitely don't win all the time, but building on wins and also losses - helped me bring my game along.

Looks like smiley has all the tools to be good, he just has to loosen and realize that these wins indicate that he can play the type of tennis his pro is talking about. I have to sympathize though, looke like smiley is facing a bit of presure to win to get on the USTA and travel teams - it's not always easy to loosen up under those conditions.

I don't advocate pushing, but sometimes being able to grind it out, retrieve balls, get the ball back into play, and stay consistent can be a great tool to pull out of your bag when your "A" game just isn't on.
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