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Originally Posted by kevhen View Post
I disagree with your pro. He should not take your confidence away from you so early in your competitive career. Winning at lowest levels means learning how to keep the ball in play.
I disagree also, yet I understand his motive, but pushing is also a very useful skill to acquire even if its not ones ultimate skill or game plan

- its an effective strategy against players who have poor legs, conditioning and it works against over hitters who are inconsistent at generating their own pace (lots of players 4.0 and under).

- all of us need to develop our defensive game not just our offensive game

- everyone benefits from improving their touch, feel, range of power, and all the good things one can do with enhanced hands

- it teaches patience and improves one's shot tolerance

I would be a better player and win a few more matches if I used more push skills against certain players at the right time because as we all know simply handing someone pace and power often feeds right into their game plan.

A pro with a clue would respect a pusher's game for what it is without all the negative judgments and evaluate their students objectively helping them develop pusher skills just like they should be teaching the all court, baseline, serve and volley game too.

A teaching pro who believes the only game worth mastering (especially at lower levels) is the aggressive baseline game, is a clown.
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