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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Only Smiley can tell us what she wants out of tennis and something about her potential to progress.

Oh, wait. She already has!

She wants to become a ranked player in her area. She is fast and quite fit. After just a few months, she can hang with good players. She takes a boatload of instruction, which is something people do when they want to improve and improve quickly.

Yet it's OK to push and *not hit the way she has been taught to hit?*

Hey, her pro saw her in the push victory. He didn't think much of it. That says a lot. I mean, any pro who said to me, "Hey, I saw your match, and although you didn't hit any of your shots the way I know you can, you outlasted that inferior player, so I'm good with it!" would get the boot.

Yup yup-

I am actually surprised that people are disagreeing with her pro. How many of us have the luxury to have a teaching pro watch a match of ours that counts and then critique us?

If I were to start a beginner on tennis, I would have them work on strokes, serves volleys, ect. until they have reasonable technique and only play out practice points. Only when they have reasonable technique start playing real matches. Of course that would be an ideal situation, most people don't have the patience to wait that long!
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