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Originally Posted by smiley74 View Post
So, had my second official match today and won 6-1 and 6-2. I had won my first match 6-0 6-0 so was feeling pretty darn good!

Well, my pro was on the next court today giving a lesson. After my match I also had a lesson scheduled. He promptly wiped the smile off my face; declared I pushed the whole match and should either hit my strokes correctly or not play matches at all (due to acquiring bad habits). Knocked me right down off cloud nine!

However, I know I was tentative and conservative and wasn't hitting correctly. My serves were weak as I just wanted to get them in.

So, he continues by saying that I might win now but who cares because I won't win later. So, better to lose now and go for my shots and improve my game than to win and never get better. He said keep going for my shots now and they will eventually go in!

Howard.......OMG you were right!!!!!

To him, pushing meant I was just getting the ball over without correct strokes, pace, or spin- no follow through, etc.

So- there you have it. Pushing is NOT good!!! It's one thing to retrieve balls by hitting correctly and waiting for your opponent to make a mistake and another to just get the ball over any which way. I learned my lesson, for sure!

So, now I am mentally preparing myself to get crushed in my upcoming matches! *sigh* Maybe I will suprise myself...but I doubt it! LOL
In practice, you do everything as correct as possible. Strive for perfect form and perfect shot selection.

However, in a match situation you do what you need to do to win. If you practice correctly, as you improve in practice, what you learn will slowly start to naturally appear in your matches.
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