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Anyone ever take a golf lesson with a good pro? The first thing they (usually) will say is, 'do you want to get better with what you got or do you want to get a lot better?' The implication is that they can work with what you have to make it as good as it can be or they can change it drastically - which generally makes you worse initially, but if you work at it will make you improve dramatically.

I believe the same principles apply here. If you want to achieve what you can with what you got - that's one thing, but if you really want to get better.... So as Cindy pointed out - Smiley wants and has the potential to get a lot better - so listen to the pro!

BTW - agree that it is awesome to have a pro watch your match. Not only is it great that they did it, but it gives them an opportunity to look at the whole game - not just a stroke. Kudos to your pro!
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