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Originally Posted by HowardH View Post
No one ever said our instructors were teaching a basline only game. Where did you get that? Certainly not mine. We are currently working on our net game and volleys. Just because we want to use proper strokes doesn't automacially make us all "hard hitting baseline only" players or our instructors clowns.
point well taken

Originally Posted by HowardH View Post
No one ever said pushing was not effective at lower levels, especially for beginners. As far as I'm concerned if people are happy pushing all of their tennis lives, fine. I'm not one of them.
Push or pushing is an overused often misunderstood term.

If by push the OP did whatever she needed to stay in points, then I consider it a useful skill (since all tennis players at all levels do so from time to time rather than hit low percentage shots), if by push she meant abandon fundamental skills, stroke mechanics, etc. then that's undesireable.

Yet I don't consider push, pushing, or pusher to be someone who has abandoned fundamental skills or good stroke mechanics. I know plenty of pushers whose mechanics are flawless and it shows in their consistency, placement, and depth, whether they "push" the ball or not.

So, like I said, its an easily misunderstood overloaded term.

Why would any instructor put down a student who won a match? Why not be positive, creative, and encouraging and talk objectively about the match with a critical eye both positive and negative of actual skills demonstrated.
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