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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Gads. The Winter season hasn't even started, and already I'm in a slump. My volleys are landing short of the net. I'm double-faulting multiple times per service game. I'm sometimes missing the ball entirely on groundstrokes or volleys; if I keep it up I'm going to start whiffing my serves. I find myself calling out "Yours!" on balls I once would have considered mine. My overheads are tentative.

See, I frequently find myself in situations where I am now the weakest player on the court. Today I partnered with a lady who would be an ideal partner for me, except I stank so badly that I think she'd do anything to get away from me. We had the same playing style, only her volleys were good and mine were bad.

And I'm starting to get Pity Praise for rather ordinary play. You know Pity Praise, right? When the weak link finally doesn't dump her sixth straight volley into the net so everyone says, "Oh, great shot!" when we all know it wasn't. Or when the most that can be said for her failed attempt to retrieve a dropshot is "Great hustle!"

What the heck? Some of this is just from playing against tougher opponents, but not all of it. League play starts on Wednesday. This is a really poor time to start playing badly. Any advice on pulling out of this tailspin, like, right now?
So - is the slump over? If so - what made the difference?
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