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Default Pro tape..........

We use Head Protection Tape(HPT) here and we try to get our customers to do the same, as it really protects the racquets bumperguard. Babolats Super tape is the thinnest and lightest, but it also wears the quickest. Gamma Guard is a cloth based tape so it's a little heavier and more durable. The tape adds approx 2-4g for a 12" length, so you can use the link to calc SW. I use 2 layers of tape as opposed to adding weight to the 10 and 2 positions on my racquet; 2 birds one(2)tape.

Our reasoning for suggesting the tape is that it's a lot cheaper to replace the tape than it is to replace the bumper and grommets. Even it you string a lot it's still cheaper with HPT. We have a customer here that uses a Wilson KFactor 90 and rips through his bumper in a matter of weeks. He was going through a grommet set a month. We got him to use a little HPT from Gamma and now he is saving a lot of money as he goes through 2 to 3 sets of grommets a year. Hope this helps.

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