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Originally Posted by randomname View Post
while you are entitled to all of those things, getting "a full 2 seconds in the ready position" might be pushing it a bit, if I'm serving, and I see you ready at all, i'm going to assume that you just didnt like the serve (and lets be honest, if you werent ready but the server missed, would you say anything about it?)
Regarding the reply from "fe6250" to the above post, you have lost ANY right to call a fault by the act of holding up your hand. When I'm receiving in that situation, I make sure the server realizes I wasn't ready - usually because I had JUST then turned around - and I'll say "first serve." I'm trying to imagine a situation where the server could quick-serve me on a second serve . . . perhaps right after I've had to move to clear an errant first serve?

Anyway, if you consistently refuse (politely) to be quick-served, only a complete idiot server won't clean up his/her act.

Additional thoughts: I seriously feel that some of the quick-servers are simply caught up in today's sometimes super productivity-oriented culture and possibly are accustomed to multitasking. The other thing which comes to mind is people paying for court time by the hour or otherwise have limited time allocated for a match . . . may tend to rush things.

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