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1. Federer. Fed plays fairly and competes hard. He answers questions honestly, if a bit brashly from time to time. Is never crude or unkind, however -- simply his blunt, analytical Swiss demeanor. He comports himself in a gentlemanly manner, and seems to have his life stable and together off the court.

2. Djokovic. Is a bit of a clown, but good-naturedly so. Comes off as a bit uneven, personality-wise, which is understandable. On the one hand, he's clearly a jovial, good-natured competitor, but on the other, he's clearly intense and doesn't like it when things aren't going his way. Typical of a young, talented, intelligent man trying to find the balance between greatness and graciousness. Takes advantage of the rules in a way that pushes his opponents, and I'd like to see less of this from him as he matures.

3. Nobody belongs at #3, as the gap between the first two and the last is so big.

Last - Nadal. He cheats. Plain and simple. He knows he does it, he's been called on it, and he continues to abuse his position of power as a recognizable face in a struggling sport. Stalls, solicits coaching, and is always ready with his pre-tournament pseudo-injury excuse..."just in case." He's clearly not very bright, and it comes through in his duh-duh interviews, where he can barely piece together thoughts in the lingua franca of competitive tennis -- English. It's the sport that pays your bills, assclown -- learn the language and grow up. He's filthy, always coming on the court with greasy hippie hair. And his effeminate clothing, demeanor, and lifestyle are all bad influences on impressionable young viewers.
expected from Grimjack

1. Nadal


2. Djokovic


3. Federer
This is 10 % Rafa, 20 % Blake / 15 % Bagman, Ferrer, and Djoko-fake
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