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Originally Posted by deme08 View Post
That's loads of BS. When Federer was beaten at 2005 masters cup and paris and madrid last year, he congratulated Nalbandian for being a better player of the day on all of these occasions. So did he to Nadal at the FO.
He really can not find excusses for all his loses, I mean its easy to say nalband was better. For nadal, imho, what else can one say after losing to him so many times on clay ?

And on top of this I can clearly remember Roger saying to Mats Wilander, prior to 2007 final at RG - We all know I have the game to beat him on clay, I know that, you know that, even he knows that. Its just a matter of putting it together on a day.

I dont think he's got a game to beat nadal on clay.
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