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Last - Nadal. He cheats. Plain and simple. He knows he does it, he's been called on it, and he continues to abuse his position of power as a recognizable face in a struggling sport. Stalls, solicits coaching, and is always ready with his pre-tournament pseudo-injury excuse..."just in case." He's clearly not very bright, and it comes through in his duh-duh interviews, where he can barely piece together thoughts in the lingua franca of competitive tennis -- English. It's the sport that pays your bills, assclown -- learn the language and grow up. He's filthy, always coming on the court with greasy hippie hair. And his effeminate clothing, demeanor, and lifestyle are all bad influences on impressionable young viewers.

Wow have you had a bad day. If Rafa whom you have never sat down to have a conversation or know personally rattles your cage that much over some of the most nonsensical stuff you have some living to do my friend.

Jealousy is not healthy for you

Aside from that i like Nadal, seems nice to me, tries hard with his ENGLISH, gives credit were due and loses with grace. Is not defined by his clay court game were not many would try, i think he spear headed his NEW spanish generation to play on grass were most would use as a much needed mid season break now suddenly they show up in droves

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