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Originally Posted by fe6250 View Post
I couldn't agree with you more! If I was making a living doing this I might have a different opinion. The key for most amateur tennis is to have fun in my book and realize that sometimes it's better to do the right thing.

I had an indoor league match tonight that was a true pleasure to play. My partner hit a serve and my opponent called it out and then a point afterwards asked me if I agreed with his call. I told him - that honestly 'no' (I was looking straight down the line) and he wanted to replay the point. I told him that I thought he had called the ball honestly as he saw it and that we shouldn't replay the point and lets just keep playing. After that there were a few other close calls where we all just laughed and tried to call them fairly. The mood was MUCH better than had I made an issue out of him not being 'sure' he should have called it 'out'.

Calling your own game is an imperfect science - we all need to recognize that a little.
Well, this is all according to the rules, isn't it. Why didn't you overrule your partner's immediatley?
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