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Originally Posted by randomname View Post
dont have the authority to bend rules? the usta rulebook isnt exactly the constitution, believe it or not you ARE playing a game where I would hope common sense should be the prevailing rule
I have to disagree with that.

Topaz had it right about respecting the rules.

Common sense is often the rationale for people inventing, manipulating, and falsely interpreting rules, especially by people who haven't taken the time to learn the rules.

I really get irritated by people who have never read the rules making up nonsense in the middle of the match that might be persuasive, might even be common sense, but are simply wrong and their common sense bullsh*t invites unnecessary arguments and fights that cheapen the game.

The rules aren't based in common sense. They are based on principles of what is best for the game. That is a critical thing to understand and respect.

And some of them are counter to common sense, especially the ones that would invite gamesmanship. For example, Its common sense to me that if the server serves a ball in doubles and it hits the opposing net man that the server shouldn't get the point, but the rules say the service team get the point since the ball was never given a chance to bounce.

I can see all kinds of unschooled people using common sense saying "that ball never had a chance of going in. It was out by 6 feet, its a fault" and I would say, "you are absolutely wrong and have never read the rules of tennis"

If the server wants to deny himself the point and offer a "do over" or take a fault, that's his right but in no way an obligation regardless of common sense and bullying by an indignant opponent using common sense is wrong and it is bad for the game.
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