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The discussion is if you want to use common sense at times when playing USTA amateur tennis to give advantage to your opponent and giving them benefit of doubt.
I don't want my opponent giving me anything. I play by the rules and expect the opponent to do so as well. IMO, it's a bit like gimmie putts in golf when the 6" gimmie becomes the 3' gimmie and then the 5' gimmie. Gimmie me break. Play by the rules, putt the da=n thing. SAme thing in tennis.

And from where I look at it, I see USTA league as social tennis. About me wanting to win, that desire is with me whenever I am on court, it does not matter what type of game I am playing. But I am happy to be in common sense lobby.
USTA may be social to you, but it's about the most competetion an ameteur can get in tennis. And if you're happy, I'm happy.
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