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Originally Posted by Hooooon View Post
i very narrowly agree... the point is that letting a ball go out is easier than stopping it and there are obvious, legitimate reasons for the rule. you're arguing an isolated incident, which is a very small compromise to make for a good rule.
I guess you can narrowly agree, lol. But first off, there are many times where a ball flies long, and there are also many others times where the ball lands very close to the lines. Secondly, what would you do if you and I were playing singles, and I launched a ball that had no chance of going into the court. You are well behind the baseline, and, for some odd reason, you just stop the ball (because both YOU AND I know it's out.) How would you feel if your opponent, me, claims that point? I agree with your other post, that if it's a close call, the you should let it land first. But if the ball is clearly sailing...

Also, did you read post 18? Maybe that will help paint a better picture of why I feel this way.
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