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Originally Posted by Joeyg View Post
You either play by the rules or not. They are there for a reason
Totally agree with that and some of those reasons aren't always obvious or intuitive or based on common sense.

Originally Posted by Joeyg View Post
and it is not up to anyone to selectively enforce which rules they like. Especially in USTA league matches.
No. I don't agree with that.

Several years ago, a guy showed up late to a tournament match, I was offered to take 3-0 in the first set by the tournament organizer, technically according to the time rules, I could have demanded the entire first set. I said, "No" to both of those and I lost and the opponent was very appreciative after sitting in traffic/accident or something. So, what. He got destroyed in the next round anyway, and so would I

Talk about deciding not to enforce the rules and ruling against onself. It just wouldn't have felt right to me not to play the entire match.

You can selectively choose to not enforce rules as long as it isn't to your benefit like the common ones people have talked about: opponents foot faults, catching balls, etc.

As I've said, its opponents who think that they can use whatever rationale they want including common sense to demand or bully someone into rules that don't exist or to expect a rule in their favor and make a stink if they don't get what they want, that I have a problem with. That's wrong.
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