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Originally Posted by AlpineCadet View Post
I am talking about out-balls. If you played enough, then you'd surely agree with me.
In this scenario, by definition, the point isn't over until you catch it and doing so means you never let it bounce. You lose the point unless your opponent lets you get away with a rule violation. Which is his choice, not yours.

Get into an argument? Call a tournament official over? Tell him your tale. Everyone agrees it was sailing out 10 feet. Guess what? The tournament official will rule against you and tell you not to do it again. I have been playing a long time. I know exactly how that scenario ends.

If you and I were playing, I would give you the point and ask you not to do it again, and if you did it again, I would consider it disrespectful and gamesmanship and not give you the point even if it was sailing out 20 feet. Why should any opponent put up with it?

The illogical and irrational part of your post is that you expect opponents to simply allow you to violate the rules. Nobody is obligated to do so.
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