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Originally Posted by Supernatural_Serve View Post
Get into an argument? Call a tournament official over? Tell him your tale. Everyone agrees it was sailing out 10 feet. Guess what? The tournament official will rule against you and tell you not to do it again. I have been playing a long time. I know exactly how that scenario ends.
The officials are there to enforce the rules, period. You've got that right. But try to be less thick, and understand that if the ball is obviously "landing out" in everyone's perspective, and you claim that point from your opponents, then that's just abusing the rule, and I'm SURE everyone on that specific court will most likely not want to play with you again or even shake your hand afterwards. You do have common sense to understand that it's wrong, don't you? That rule wasn't made to be used to cheat your opponents out of a point by strictly enforcing it 100% of the time. Would you claim that point, or call a let, if your ball went 2 courts down and someone caught it mid-air? I mean, it was never allowed to bounce even though it had no chance in hell of boomeranging itself back onto your court. Somehow, judging by your posts, I'm sure you would.

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